StanSaPro Implement Mounted Systems & Sprayers

Tomato/Berry Sprayer

Spraying orchards with a low kw tractor are now possible with a StanSaPro Triple Oscillating Tomato/Berry Sprayer


The Bertolini C75 75L/pm 50 Bar Piston Pump or the Comet APS71  71L/pm 50 Bar Piston Diaphragm Pump can be used and is mounted on the Patented Steering Draw Bar.The Steering Draw Bar feature is unique to the StanSaPro Sprayer and its purpose is to always keep the pto shaft in line with the pump preventing damage when turning.The sprayer will always trail in the wheel track of the tractor therefore the operator will not damage sprayer when turning.The Self Hydraulic Drive System is standard on the sprayer and is used for the ocsillation of the spray tower.

Electronic Solenoid Valves are a standard feature on the StanSaPro Tomato/Berry Sprayer.This feature allows the operator to switch the water on and off,left and right from the cab of the tractor.The pto can stay engaged at all times while spraying

The sprayer is adequate to Euro Gap requirements and has a 60 Liter clean water tank.The purpose of the clean water tank on the sprayer is to flush the system of chemicals to prolong the lifespan of the pump,pipes and overall the sprayer.

The inside of the chemical tank is fitted with a 360° rotary washer to thoroughly rinse the tank of chemicals.

The Patented Self Leveling Counter Weight system on the spray tower ensures the tower stays inline with the trees at all times should the sprayer  encounter slopes in the Orchard.The Self Leveling Counter Weight System can be locked for orchards with no slopes.

The triple oscillation feature is unique to the StanSaPro Tomato/Berry Sprayer and allows chemicals to penetrate more effectively through the trees with a whirl effect.The oscillation is hydraulic driven from the Self Hydraulic Drive.The nozzles used are Venturi Turbo Nozzles which create air therefore it is not necessary to make use of a fan to distribute chemicals to plants.This allows to use a smaller tractor minimum +-10kw.

The chassis and frame of the StanSaPro Tomato/Berry sprayer are Hot Dipped Galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.The StanSaProTomato/Berry Sprayers are available in 600 Liter and 1000 Liter.Two Wheel Width sizes are available on the 600 Liter Tomato/Berry Sprayer namely 1.2 Meters and 1.050 Meters(Outside to Outside of wheel)depending of row spacing.

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