StanSaPro Implement Mounted Systems & Sprayers

110 Liter Quad Bike Sprayer

Proudly South African

The tank has a capacity of 110 Liters and has two baffles inside to eliminate water stroke.The agitator agitates chemicals inside the tanks while spraying

The Comet 3 Way Pressure Regulating Valve is used to calibrate the sprayer.The pressure regulating valve can split the boom of the sprayer independent into two sections.

A switch is mounted on the sprayer to switch off sprayer if needed.

The 12 Volt North Star Pump used has a capacity of 20.8L/Pm 4.1Bar.The pump consists of a filter on the inlet to filter chemicals before entering the pump and system.

The boom is available in two sizes 3 meter and 5 meter and folds up easy and compact.The boom also consists of a break away action to prevent breakage.The nozzles used are Teejet Air Induction Nozzles.A Floodjet Nozzle that spray on a angle are mounted on the end of the boom to spray underneath fences.

The handgun is a standard feature on the sprayer and can be used for spot spraying.A 3 way Ball Valve is used to switch between the boom and the handgun.

The Frame is designed to be adjustable to fit any Quad Bike.The frame and the boom are Hot Dip Galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.

The Sprayer is also available with a 300 Liter Tank to use with ATV”S and Pick Ups.