StanSaPro Implement Mounted Systems & Sprayers

Liquid Fertilizer Applicator with Peristaltic Squeese Pump

Accurate and correct application of expensive liquid fertilizers are now possible with a StanSaPro Liquid Fertilizer Applicator.

The stainless steel rollers of the pump is peristaltic.This unique feature ensures pump cycle is even and the lifespan of the bearings and demco hose are longer.The rollers has bearings on each side of the roller.The inlet barrel of the pump has a 50mm diameter.

Flow monitor tubes are mounted either on the pump or on the implement for the operator to see.The flow monitor tubes will indicate if one of the pipes on a specific row is blocked.The blue indicator on the inside of the tube will fall to the bottom if a row is blocked.

1/2″ clear hose is used and laid neatly along the beam of the implement to distribute the liquid fertilizer to each row.

The StanSaPro Peristaltic Squeese Pumps are available in the following sizes:

 4 Row Peristaltic Squeese Pump.

6 Row Peristaltic Squeese Pump.

8 Row Peristaltic Squeese Pump.

10 Row Peristaltic Squeese Pump.

12 Row Peristaltic Squeese Pump.

16 Row Peristaltic Squeese Pump.

The StanSaPro Liquid Fertilizer Applicator can be mounted on any fabricate implement

StanSaPro Liquid Fertilizer Applicator Mounted on John Deere Planter.

Photo Gallery

StanSaPro Liquid Fertilizer Applicator Mounted on Great Plains Planter.

StanSaPro Liquid Fertilizer Applicator Mounted on Equalizer Planter