StanSaPro Implement Mounted Systems & Sprayers

Eptam Applicator

Accurate and correct application of expensive agricultural chemicals are now possible with a StanSaPro ground wheel driven Eptam Applicator

The tank is mounted on the implement without drilling or welding on the implement.The tank stand is bolted to the frame.The size of the tank depends on the size of the implement.The tank size options are 300 Liter,600 Liter and 1000 Liter.

The Comet Piston Diaphragm Pump is driven on a runner mounted on the main wheel of the implement.When the implement is engaged the system starts spraying.When implement is disengaged the system stops spraying after a few seconds.

Our calibration column is mounted on the beam of the implement for easy calibration.A non drip nozzle holder with nozzle is mounted on the column with a ball valve to open and close the nozzle.

The non drip nozzle holders with nozzles are mounted in front on the beam of the implement.The spacing of the holders are 50cm.The standard nozzle used is a 110-04 Flat Fan Nozzle.

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